our ECO commitment 



For every £30 you spend at KewbzUK. WE PLANT A TREE!
You can read more about this here.


It's no secret that climate change is affecting our planet in an unimaginable way. In the past few years, as we have grown, so have our aspirations to help our planet. We realise that being the biggest/go-to cubing store in the UK allows us to set a precedent for other stores to also follow. We hope that other stores will follow us in this endeavour. 

On this page we will outline the main factors of how we are helping our planet. If you have any other ideas that could help us, please reach out and let us know via the 'Contact Us' page.

our current eco practises

100% Recyclable Mailing Bags -

We are currently trialling mailing bags instead of cardboard boxes. These particular mailing bags are an eco-friendly alternative to standard polythene mailing bags. The mailing bags we use are manufactured from sugar cane, the greenest material on the market to date. 

As a bonus to using these particular mailing bags, the carbon dioxide taken from the atmosphere in the growing process, offsets the carbon dioxide emitted through production and transportation. This is what is known as carbon neutral.

These are currently being trialled and we hope to use them in our long term eco goal.   

- Hivewrap Protection

With our new sugarcane mailing bags we needed a way to ensure your cubes stayed safe during transit. 100% degradable starch packing peanuts just wouldn't do, so we had to think outside the box 😅

Hivewrap is 100% recyclable and is a brilliant and sustainable alterative to plastic bubble wrap. All orders sent in mailing bags will be wrapped with this aesthetically pleasing protective wrap. 

Responsible Sourcing -

We source our packing boxes and mailing bags from companies that ensure they have been manufactured from low-carbon emitting factories.  Just because we care about the plant and environment, doesn't mean the factories that supply us do. 

You can be sure that all packing material you receive from us, has come from a company that also cares about the environment. 

- Collected Orders 

Royal Mail collected all of our orders at 4pm everyday Monday - Friday. This means that we no longer have to make trips to the post office. Reducing emissions, congestion, fuel consumption and more. This also gives us more time at the office to package orders and work on new things. As we are situated reasonably close to other business' that also use Royal Mail to collect their mail, we feel this is a no-brainer and worth while. 

Most other cube stores in the UK deliver there own mail - resulting in multiple trips to/from their local post office. Doing this 6 days/week 52 week/year is adding to the global climate problem.

Recycle 99% of Cardboard -

We're super proud to say that we actually recycle 99% of cardboard we receive in. It's actually more like 99.99999% but the occasional slither of cardboard may wind up in a bin by mistake.

Our typical orders coming in from suppliers comprise of 30-50 massive boxes. That's ALOT of cardboard. We take great pride in making sure all of it gets recycled and can be used again. 

- Motion Sensing Lights

In our stock room we use motion sensing lights to ensure that we only use what electricity we need. As we head down different isles, lights come on and go off. This also saves us money on our electricity bill, this allows us to pass more savings on to you and offer better deals.

- Packing Peanuts

Most orders that are shipped in boxes use a void fill (packing peanut) to ensure your products stay safe during transit. The packing peanuts we use are 100% biodegradable, fully compostable and are made of starch. 

These particular packing peanuts are light, clean and odour free and 5 times more antistatic than the usual polystyrene chips that other companies use. 

We only choose peanuts from companies that manufacture them from annually renewable resources.


For every £30 you spend at KewbzUK.
WE PLANT A TREE! You can read more about this here.